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MTV: Battle of the Exes – What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Hi all, here I am, back with another recap about MTV’s Battle of the Exes. Surprising things happened during the second episode of this season…

The usual things happened in the beginning of the episode. Tyrie and Jasmine had a fight, Johnny & Camilla put Wes and Mandi first during the challenge… That’s nothing new. What was new however was the fact that Sarah and Vinny were the winners of the “Hook Me Up” challenge. Now, who would’ve thought that gaining weight would do any good to Vinny? Certainly not me…. This episode also showed the gang going out to a club and I think most people could already predict what would be going down in there; trouble. Vinny managed to be a complete ass to Mandi and rip open her shirt (though I do have to admit that her “shirt” were mostly two stripes covering her boobs, but still) and not even thinking it was a bad thing to do. Really? Asshole. The Dome ended up being good ol’ Wes and Mandi against Naomi and Leroy. It was sort of a surprise to me that Leroy managed to win from Wes, I don’t know why haha, and Mandi winning from Naomi, well, that wasn’t too much of a surprise. Wes and Mandi did end up going home though. Although I love the entire RW – Las Vegas cast I have such a soft spot for Wes for some reason. Just like Mandi said, I believe Wes has a soft and sweet side. So, well, though I adore pretty much all Wes’ enemies, I secretly love Wes, and was said to see him go. The episode took another turn as well when Vinny was told to leave the show, and that -unfortunately- Sarah had to go because of that as well. I have never cared that much for Sarah and actually disliked Vinny since his start on the show, but I felt bad for Sarah. I did however think that putting Wes and Mandi into the elmination round after what Vinny did to Mandi was so rude. I was glad everybody thought Vinny was acting like an idiot, ’cause he was. Stupid ass, not gonna miss him at all.

+: Naomi and Leroy’s fight after the elimination round. Guys, chill. I suggest Leroy either gets into bed with Naomi or that Naomi will find herself another bed partner. Maybe she’ll perform better in the challenges too, then. Ooh, and another +: Wes’ devotion to Mandy and his whole confession about how great she is. Too cute.
-: I need more Mark and Johnny Bananas in speedos. Please?


Now, something I didn’t do last week considering I went over the couples already, but underneath I’ll give y’all my quick thoughts on the three best overall couples this week, not so much based on performance though. More on my own, perhaps hideous, thoughts.

3. Johnny and Camilla. Can’t say a bad thing about their performances and they also have their politics with them. Yet, I just don’t like Camilla. Yet. I hope she’ll win me over this season haha, we’ll see.
2. Ty and Emily. What the hell happened to the crazy Ty from Rivals & Cutthroat?! Honestly, I thought the dude was absolutely insane. Seeing him on this challenge actually makes me think he’s quite fun, and I think having Emily as a partner will make them one of the stronger teams as well.
1. Dustin and Heather. Heck yeah, these two are great. I love how everyone’s so surprised about their performances and the fact that their names haven’t even been brought up for an elimination round. And I adores Dustin’s comment about Vinny towards sending Mandi into the Dome, he’s cute. Not looking forward to next week’s episode though considering the preview for next week… Nooooo, Dustin, please stay fit and healthy! Please?!

And, like last time; this episode’s greatest quotes!
– Dustin: “Here goes Vinny, trying to be funny, but he’s actually a complete asshole. You’re basically throwing in the girl that you completely disrespected last night, ánd you’re gonna be mean about it? Come on, get over yourself, dude.” Not necessarily funny, but I think it’s awesome he said this.
– Wes: “Where did I leave my beer?” Well, yes, Mandi, that was indeed funny.
– Wes: “I just wanted to say you’re one of the best friends I’ve ever had. You’re so pretty. You’re so smart. I’ve got not a shot in hell but I can’t wait to go to sleep ’cause when I go to sleep maybe I do. You rock my world?”  Take him back Mandi.
-Paula: “Vinny is just really surprising me. Maybe I should be eating more lasagna too.” About Vinny performing well.

That’s it for this week! What did you guys think about the episode, and, how do you feel about the intro?  I think it’s kind of old-school challenge-style, back in the “Battle of the Sexes” days. I like it!

MTV: Battle of the Exes – Love Is A Battlefield.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have a huge huge addiction to the MTV Challenges. It’s a little tough to watch them since the MTV USA website doesn’t let people from Holland watch them on their site, but I got my ways 😉 . And since I love them, I decided to do a weekly share of my opinions, thoughts and stuff of every episode. This one’s a little late but I hope you’ll enjoy it anyway. So, let’s go!

MTV Challenge: Battle of the Exes, episode 1: Love is a Battlefield.

As usual, the first episode of a challenge starts of with host TJ Lavin deviding the cast into teams. This challenges, obviously, people who’ve been dating/are dating/shared a kiss are put together. My quick thoughts on every couple:

Abram & Cara Maria: I personally think of both of them as strong competitors, but I wonder how much influence their personal issues are going to have on the game… Definitely hope they’ll do well though.
CT & Diem:                        I’ve never been a big fan of Diem but I do admire her for her strength. CT started growing on me during Rivals and I wonder how they will work together since all the unresolved problems they’re having. Both are strong and tough competitors, definitely think they will be part of the final three teams!
Dustin & Heather:        I loved these two on The Real World: Back to Las Vegas and think they’ll be surprisingly good in the challenges since they’re both athletic. They’re rookies, but I’m definitely rooting for them and hope they will make it far!
Johnny & Camilla:       I have to admit that I kind of love Johnny Bananas. Camilla, however… Not so much. I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt though, and I think these two will actually work great together in the challenges.
Dunbar & Paula:             As competitors, I don’t really care for both of them, but I do love seeing Paula in the challenges. Adds some drama and some hilarious comments. Wonder how they’ll do since Paula kind of hates Dunbar.
Mark & Robin:                  I adore Mark as both a competitor and a person, and since he’s like the Godfather of these challenges I think he and Robin will make it far, also because I think that both of them are athletic and smart. Robin just needs to stop being so paranoid. Hope they’ll be in the finale!
Leroy & Naomi:               I laughed like crazy about these two during the RW, but I don’t consider Naomi to be an athletic person at all, so I think Leroy is kind of screwed…
Rachel & Aneesa:            Love that these ladies are back on a challenge again… I think Rachel is kind of the dude in this pairing and I wonder how they’ll do as the only same-sex pair.
Nate & Priscilla:                I haven’t seen their season of The Real World so I don’t really have anything to say… Nate seems like quite the athletic person, but Priscilla just seems… Well, too sweet I guess. Don’t think they’ll make it far in this game.
Ty & Emily:                         I love Emily, but I really dislike Ty. Ty looks like he’s in better shape then he was during Rivals though, so I think they could actually make it far.
Tyrie & Jasmine:             Honestly, I don’t care too much for either one of them. I think Jasmine’s a psycho in the game, and, well, I just hope to see them go soon.
Vinny & Sarah:                   Another couple I don’t really have an opinion on. I think Sarah’s a good competitor but Vinny looks like he’s gained quite a lot of weight and I’m not sure if that will work in his advantage… On another note though, Sarah looks gorgeous with the blonde hair! So pretty!
Wes & Mandi:                       I adored Wes on his season of The Real World, but he should’ve stopped doing Challenges after the Duel… I really want him to do well because of my love for him during his Austin time but, yeah, well… I just don’t know about this, especially with Mandi as a partner. She had great endurance I think but she doesn’t seem that strong…

So, basically, those were my quick thoughts on the couples. I’m rooting for Mark & Robin and Dustin & Heather.

So, episode 1. The Challenge this episode was called “Give Me Some Honey”, and basically had the competitors cover themselves in honey and let their partner get as much honey as possible in a jar. Surprisingly good were Dustin and Heather, which wasn’t unnoticed by the other challengers. Mark & Robin and Johnny & Camilla ended up as the best couples, competing for the place of PowerCouple. Johnny and Camilla won, and as soon as that happened, I had a feeling Mandi and Wes would be going into the Dome. And well, yes, after Wes having an ridiculous fight with Johnny and Camilla, it was obvious they would. Nate and Priscilla (well, actually, Nate) sucked in this challenge and were automatically sent to The Dome. It surprised me how well Diem and CT were working together since all of the drama revolving around them and their communication. Dunbar and Paula dissapointed me. In the end, Nate and Priscilla were sent home after losing The Dome. The episode ended with some Diem and CT drama, seeing the two of them standing/sitting on their own for a bit. I just hope they’ll do good together and perhaps even end up together? Ya never know….

+: Mark Long in speedo’s. Hot. Hot. Hot. Hot.
– : Mandi and CT hanging out together on the balcony. CT, don’t. Go after Diem, please?

Overall, I thought the premiere was quite nice. I loved seeing Mark again, thought the challenge was quite fun and just overall enjoyed a new episode. I do hope there will be a little bit more focus on the couples and their pasts. And, well. Just give me some drama. I love drama. Can’t help it, haha!

This episode’s quotes:
Paula: “I’ve been trying to get back together with him!” – About Dunbar being her partner.
Paula: “I hate Dunbar, he’s so annoying, he sucks the life out of me.” – About, well, Dunbar.
– Robin: “I broke up with him… Bad choice, bad choice.” – Well, dah. Who breaks up with the Mark Long?
– Mark: “Bananas against the old man. It’s gonna be awesome.” About the challenge.
– Wes: “I mean, his face started red, so I can’t even tell if he’s tired.” About Nate’s very much talked about red face.

So, that’s it for the first episode. Who are you guys rooting for? And what did you think of the season’s premiere?