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Hi all!

Another television-related post from me, haha! Yeah, what do you expect of a girl studying media 😉 ? Ever since I can remember, I’ve been watching CSI. Not the Miami one with Horatio and his sunglasses, or New York of which I actually can’t say that much ’cause I’ve barely seen that one, but the original. When I was young it was super exciting and when I got older it got interesting too. I remember buying my very first CSI dvd when I was about 13. I didn’t start with season one like a normal person though. You wanna know why? It’s freaking ridiculous and I don’t even know why I still remember this, but I bought the dvd of CSI’s third season because -don’t laugh- I thought Marg Helgenberger looked so pretty on the picture on the DVD box. Yes, laugh. I laugh at myself for this too haha, but I guess this was the beginning of my love for Marg Helgenberger.

I consider Marg Helgenberger as one of the most beautiful, talented and funniest females on American television, and I honestly think it’s sad to see her leaving CSI, ’cause loving Marg started with loving Catherine Willows.

Catherine is by far my all time favorite television character, from beginning to end. I loved her relationship with Nick, Warrick and Grissom and eventually her relationship with Greg and Russell as well. Highlight for me, just as for many other Catherine fans, was her romantic relationship with detective Vartann. And yes, I’m still pissed they didn’t end up together, haha!

After realizing there was an actress behind the part of Catherine Willows at the age of fifteen, I got more interested in Marg. Started searching for China Beach segments, watch some of her movies and started searching through YouTube when I knew she’d been giving an interview. I don’t believe anyone who says they don’t like Marg. Perhaps you don’t like Catherine, but not liking Marg is impossible. She. Is. Too. Cute.

I’m not trying to be an hysterical fan here, but I just needed to ramble about how, basically, I’m just wishing Marg will be doing another tv series soon ’cause I hate missing here on my television screen. And considering Catherine was my very first favorite television character, I’ll miss her being Catherine Willows too. So, you’re asking me, why exactly do I like Catherine as much as I do? I’ll give you some examples.

I love Catherine because I love her being a mom for little Lindsey. Watch season 3’s “Lady Heather’s Box”, please? I love Catherine because I think it’s insane how much chemistry she has with every single man she works with. Warrick? Well, you can watch any episode, but start with season 5’s “Down the Drain”. Grissom? Just the first three, four seasons please. Nick? You can start by watching the much discussed deleted scene from the pilot. And last but not least, detective Vartann. Check season 11’s “Blood Moon” will you? I love Catherine because she has the most awesome quotes ever. I love Catherine ’cause I love how she’s a people person. I love Catherine ’cause she’s human and makes mistakes.

I know this won’t be interesting for too many people, but I just had to share my love for Marg with you. Marg, you’re awesome, you’re missed on CSI and I think it’s awesome that you finally have your star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Just wish you would’ve received it last year so I could’ve watched you getting it, haha 😉 !