Stars Align.

My life is sweet like vanilla is.

Hi y’all!

Hi there all,

Nice to meet you. So great you somehow managed to get on my blog. I’m a 19-year old student at the University of Amsterdam (Netherlands), studying Media & Culture. I have an addiction to MTV’s Challenges, love nailpolish, enjoy writing, appreciate all my friends and loved ones and miss the life I lived when I studied in Los Angeles. On this blog I’ll update you about things that I’m just basically feeling like writing about. Down here, I’ll give you some more information about myself. Hope to read your comments and thoughts!

Love, xx.

I love: John Mayer. Los Angeles. Food. MTV. The O.C . Rachel Bilson. Laughing. Collecting nailpolish. My friends. My family. My loves. Travelling. Pretty people. Photographs.